• Writing Skill
  • Language Skills
  • Preparatory Skills

By our unique methodology, we help our students in writing a narrative, a recount or descriptive essay, that are both pulsating with breathtaking plot and picturesque rhetoric for school children to excel in composition writing. In inspiring their passion to write, they learn to tell those precious stories hidden away in their childhood, and is now revealing the unsung talent as they approach adolescence.

As we strive in making situational writing meaningful for them, unwittingly they pick up and appreciate the beauty of their origin with the surrounding cultures and friends. Having learnt other perspectives through the process of collaboration, they gain new understanding of society as the tapestry of tolerance and respect for themselves and others.

There is undeniably, the rich content accrued in their working memory for presenting insights and sound reasoning to argumentative writing with a language, that is in harmony with their neighbours, making connection both national and global knowledge with domestic developments.


We help our students excel in composition writing by using our patented methodology. We teach them how to use their experiences to create story ideas and inspire children to find new passion for writing and expressing themselves vibrantly – unlocking the hidden talent through a deep level of storytelling.


Using a collaborative process, our students learn not only how to write with fresh perspectives in a real-world setting (emails, letters etc), but also write comprehensively from the different cultures and fellow peers.


They are trained to craft out with insightful persuasion. The sound reasoning that must follow enables them to express factual evidence, relevant to current affairs, with clarity and confidence.

In mentoring towards the mastery of using language for writing, they are well equipped with the ability to evaluate passages of reading towards the comprehension ability.

In essence, they thrive at synthesizing pieces of concepts as they are well read, and they are well acquainted with the requirements of editing in the mechanics of spelling, vocabulary, grammar etc.

Having accomplished the language and writing skills, they are therefore at their element to attempt a summary of a comprehension piece to the required number of words, with a bird’s eye-view.


We fine-tune in elements of the language and rhetoric so that they can easily evaluate and infer from a reading passages to thrive at comprehension.


We engage them in understanding the deep mechanics of grammar, as well as the expansion of new vocabulary and meaning, so that editing becomes a hobby.


They will have the eye for the main points and effortlessly reduce the number of words to achieve a summary for a given comprehension passage.

We also offer comprehensive preparatory course for foreigners who wish to gain entry into the government school. We prepare them to sit for a mandatory examination called the Admission Exercise for International Students (AEIS). We fully equip them with the minimum knowledge to make the certain grade. As a result, our students have the confidence to accomplish for themselves the good standards to qualify into the relevant placement.

Our service is so thorough that our students choose to advance their enrichment with us even after they have gained entry to the local school, for we enable them to be

adequately enhanced in the subjects tested by the respective school in syllabuses of PSLE, O level and A levels, where they are geared to exhibit the exemplary performance.