Supporting Children’s Education; Becoming Responsive Learners

29 March 2018
Longlife Insitute Library


Ruth presented a talk at the Longlife Institute Library on the topic of ‘Support for Children’s Education’. Ruth elaborated on the importance of parents understanding of certain learning concepts that actually help children to become responsive learners. Among the scholars introduced are Jerome Bruner, Le Vygotsky, Edward Thorndike and John Flavell. Ruth made it very clear that children’s experiences (Bruner’s) are the basics to be fundamentally interactive (Vygotsy’s). The more children can interact, the more knowledge they will construct. As a result, they also learn to regulate (John Flavell’s) this construction to more aspects of learning. By continuing to make more connections (Edward Thorndike’s) for their children, parents are actually supporting their children in learning to the long term. As children learn with meaning, they will cherish the knowledge in their hearts, and turn their ‘heart knowledge’ into something tangible one day.


Talk at Longlife Institute Library: Creative Writing

Ruth presented a talk at the Longlife Institute Library on the topic of ‘Creative Writing’. A hands-on activity based on the askRuth methodology was offered to the attendees. The learning concepts of collaboration and metacognition explained were easily understood to help in the writing, by parents who attempted writing at least an introduction to narrative…


Mastering the 5W1H Strategy to Write Effortlessly Book Launch Campaign

Ruth launched her book entitled ‘Coaching your Child to Ace Composition Writing: Mastering the 5W1H writing strategy’ at the Marine Parade Library. The launch aimed at introducing the use of the 5W1H questioning technique to schoolchildren for writing a composition e.g. a narrative. Students who participated in the event came from the neighbouring schools like…