The founder of 5W1H Writing Strategy has been educating school students since 1998, supporting them through their struggles for writing and tracking their development for their improvement. She has been greatly encouraged watching her students express their delight in generating ideas using her writing strategy to write their compositions. These students came with the lack of mechanics for writing and she would diligently fill in their writing needs until they are able to produce comprehensive pieces of composition through her writing methodology, by engaging them with her uniquely developed word-window.Besides her passion at improving their writing ability, she is dedicated in maintaining the discipline and attitude for sustaining their personal best; kindling the flickers and fanning into flames the time for writing.

Our Vision

To recognize the beauty of each child; in every story told

To reveal the precious stories hidden; worthy for sharing

Stories that reflect unsung talents; to be unraveled


To play an active role in inspiring children; the passion to write

Mentoring children towards a mastery of language of writing

To appreciate themselves; the cultural and ethnic values around them


C ollaborative Attitude

O riginality and Coherence

R esourcefulness; researched

E valuative Decorum; in evidence-based practice

AskRuth Methodology

The askRuth methodology is developed for school students to achieve a more comprehensive approach for composing a writing text, e.g. a narrative. It provides students with the uniquely crafted organizer, the word window, in order for them to follow a simple step-by- step plan for creating meaning or content for writing. With this organizer, the methodology can then harness the use of three learning concepts for students to scale greater heights in their writing performance. Such are the factors of collaboration, metacognition and heuristics with which to support students with the writing transformation to extensive expression and rhetoric. As a result, students’ writing is bound to improve fours aspects, namely the content, creativity, coherence and elaboration of writing performance to achieve their dream of becoming confident writers.

Please look up on some of or students’s writing products, passionately crafted out of this askRuth methodology, available in the website for your reading pleasure.




Ken woke up confident that he had done enough revision to face the examination, contrary to his peers who were in the habit of last minute mugging over the midnight oil. He had his goal set months before this examination and had studied diligently in order to bag his ace. The morning was cheerful as…

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Falling ill

Seated on a dirty stool, in the company of my mother, I looked around and I saw hawker stalls virtually everywhere. “It smells delicious!” my mother squealed in delight with a smack on her lips, while I glanced over to the ‘satay’ stall, which she was referring to. Memories of that fateful day came pouring…

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It was dusk and the air was getting chilly. Unfortunately, I did not have my jacket with me. The frock of single layered cotton material decked in short sleeves was not enough to shield me from the fierce winds that was pressing on my chest. Unrelentingly, the wind laid siege on my hair so that…

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My Mother’s Rituals

Before this time, I had never given a thought to mother’s rituals. At home, she always seemed to have a lot of time for herself. However one day, I began to realise that was not the case as I had envisaged. I was twelve years old when all secrets were finally unveiled; that mother had…

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Being Trapped

“Bzzt!” There was a blackout in New York city. The sun had descended down the horizon and the city was in pitch darkness. All electronic devices snapped off. Even the subway and ‘Ferris Wheel’ had halted together. Passengers panicked, desperately trying to get to safety. A truck on the road slowly rolled into a stop,…

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An Unexpected Situation

Recently, I had turned a hundred years old. Little did I know that I would soon be viciously uprooted from life itself. Contrary to the weather, which was uncannily warm and sunny a few days ago, that day was piqued with a torrential downpour. In the midst of a blustery wind, I was shaking so…

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